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¿Quienes somos?

Somos una empresa que provee los mejores servicios en cuanto a creación de applicaciones con la plataforma de FluttterFlow, páginas web y tiendas online en las distintas plattaformas. Para esto contamos con los mejores desarrolladores en los que se verá reflejado que trabajamos con los mejores profesionales.

  • How long will it take to develop my app?
    Excellent question and the time of the app will depend on its complexity, an estimated time would be between 20 and 45 days.
  • What would the cost be? And your payment methods?
    This is a good question, because you would have a completely functional and unique app for U$D 5000, but, you already have your design! We give you a discount so that you only have to invest U$D3000 in your app. If you also want to have the maintenance of the application carried out by experts for only U$D 3000. Payment methods are PayPal, USDT (crypto), bank transfer (account in USD) and credit card. To start working on your app, we only ask for 50% and the rest when the work is finished.
  • In case when they show me the result I don't like it, can it be changed?
    It is an excellent question and you can modify everything you want as many times as you consider necessary.
  • What would be the realization process?
    That's a very good question! The step by step process is: 1° We would start with a meeting through Google Meet where we would provide you with all relevant information that you should know. 2° Making 50% of the payment. 3° We would define the development of the sketch for the future design and determine functions (The sketch would not be made if we had the design). 4° The graphic design of the app is carried out, also known as Front-end development. 5° Its operation is carried out, also known as Back-end. 6th Sample of the application in Google Meet and the corresponding objections are made. 7° Modifications are made and the result is seen in a Meet. (If you do not like the results obtained, step 6 and 7 will be repeated). 8° Making the missing payment. 9th Delivery of the application.
  • In case of cancellation, how does it work?
    It is a very interesting question and the answer is that you tell us that you want to cancel and the reason, and if possible we will provide you with the solution, but if you still want to cancel you must pay only 50% of the initial payment, since The Vizbux team works for your project and that work must be paid.
  • What features will my app include?
    This is a brilliant question, because flutterflow is a system where we can have a lot of functions such as: integrations with API, database, users, the use of phone elements (gallery, phone, camera, etc.), the use of advertising, translation through Google Translator, payment system, Google applications and other functions that will benefit you with a super complete app.
  • How does it work if you want an application with your own design?
    It is a very good question, you send us the files, which must be .jgp, .png files or can be directly shared through figma, of all the pages that you want the app to have and its elements (images, codes color, logos and so on). These can be sent by email with a Google Drive link (due to the weight of the files), this can also be discussed so that you have greater comfort because our service is based on your satisfaction.
  • What platform or platforms will my app support?
    This is a very good question. The operating systems that will support your app are IOS, Android and also a web application.


¡Gracias por su cosulta!

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